SAG Must Join Actor
Anchor Talent Ma​nagement
Stark Talent (Commercial)
  1. Character Reel
  2. Safe Auto Commercial - On Air Now!
  3. Gap Between My Thighs - Gangsta's Paradise Parody
  4. Spec Short
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Resume Highlights
Where to Find Karen Next...
- Weekly Instagram sketches, impressions and characters

- This summer, Karen, along with two other musicians, will be writing and producing a show exploring the humorus and tumultuous relationships musicians have with each other and with their "significant other" instruments culminating in a performance of Schubert's "Death and the Maiden".
- On Air Now! In a Safe Auto Commerical airing in the midwest.

- Hosting the interview podcast, PE for Musicians, where she speaks with experts in the fields of music, medicine and athletics.

- Regularly improvising or hiking around LA.
​​ Representation
Anchor Talent Management
Stark Talent (Commercial)
MAM (Northwest Regional)

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Timeless, The Gift

Glee, American Music Awards
Apple, Michelob Ultra, Safe Auto, conflicts on request
Old Fashioned Comedy (Instagram sketch writer/actor), #ThisIsAProtest (sketch writer/actor), Second City Short Form House Ensemble (improv), iO West Honor Roll (improv), French Dinosaur (sketch)

Second City Hollywood, iO West, Killian's Commercial Workshop, Digital Dogs Commercial Workshop, Private Coaching and scene study with Elizabeth Gamza
Special skills
Professional cellist, singer, violin, accents, impressions, improv, backpacking/through hiking  (Mt. Whitney, Half Dome, Tour du Mont Blanc), marathon runner, running club member, early childhood music teacher
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